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about marimosa

tell me about yourself...

Marimosa wasn't some kind of "brainchild" or pre-planned venture, it grew out of great client relationships that our founder, TC, already had. We weren't even always called Marimosa - but that's another funny story for another day.

We're a small team of really passionate software developers who literally just want to make stuff that people use - and enjoy using. We love to work really hand-in-hand with our clients throughout the whole process of building software or solving business problems. We like to think of it as a partnership. A bit like the Avengers (we'll let you decide which Avenger each of the team are!). We also really love looking after our customers after the big go-live. We have built systems and processes to allow us to work super-close with our clients after the go-live to make sure we stay well connected and keeping everything moving.

We also love rock 'n' roll. Like seriously. You'll often hear us singing or playing guitar in the office. Our neighbours must hate us.

our approach

The Marimosa Approach (tm!) might be different to other software companies you've worked with before. We don't do a hard sell. We'll leave the quote with you. We don't try to baffle you with IT. We don't even like being told what you "think you want". We want to help you deal with the business issues you have - so we'll work with you from the problem to get you to a solution - even if that means we don't actually build anything for you!

We have a specification process we call "Full Fat, Semi, Skimmed" to provide clients with a range of options and prices to solve their specific business problems. This allows us to offer solutions that you may not have thought of but also to prove we're not in the business of ripping people off! (No one really knows why the milk analogy, TC doesn't even drink milk!) We also create a document called "The Wash-Up" after a project go-live to review not only what we produced for you and steps to think about going-forward, but also a review of the entire project.

our values

In case you hadn't already gathered, we're not like a lot of other businesses. Our underlying values are core to what we do, and these are:

Innovation - can we provide something special to help our clients with their work?
Value - we won't offer something that isn't worth it to our clients (we won't rip people off!)
Partnership - let's help our clients as best we can, always
Diversity - of vision, background and approach

Or IVPD.... yeh that's a rubbish acronym, but the principle is the same.

Our Team

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