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Tech Stuff

We know that every client project is different and as such we'll use an approach relevant to the project at hand. However we do have our preferred technologies that have been massively successful for us and our clients.

We love using Amazon Web Services and their serverless technologies. For distributed or event-based systems, this is such a good fit. Their scaleable Elastic Beanstalk platform also means your software can grow with your business.

Whilst we've worked with clients on various stacks (.net, React, Xamarin, Ionic) our preferred stack is Angular, NestJS, NodeJS and MongoDB.

We've tonnes of experience in this arena and coupled with our AWS experience, we know that we can build the software you need to allow you to concentrate on doing what you do.

We've built our Jango platform that allows us to build new solutions quickly, but also provide clients with upgrades as we make them to the base platform.

You'll also see us use Balsamiq for wireframing and for our project management and support ticketing.

aws, elastic beanstalk, angular, nestjs, nodejs, mongodb,, balsamiq
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