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Marimosa Method

Our approach to helping your business be more efficient

Having software built for your business can be a scary prospect. Will the developers understand your business? Will it work for you or will it be difficult to use?

Marimosa are different to other digital transformation and software development teams. We like to look at the business and processes, rather than only the software requirement. We want to help you do what you do best, using tools to help you do that.Using our project approach.

The Marimosa Method, we will guide you and your business through the digital transformation and software development process. We start with a free 30-minute, no obligation call to discuss your business and provide you with some ideas of efficiencies you could make.

We can then offer a deep-dive consultancy session where we’ll come down to see you and really look at your business, processes and systems and produce our Vision Report. This provides you with a plan for software you could have built for your business to improve efficiency, save time and money.

You can then choose to have that built by whoever you wish. We hope you choose us! Should you wish to proceed with us, we’ll schedule in the work and get cracking. We will break the project down into logical deliverables, and have waypoint meetings at each stage, giving you the opportunity to make any changes to the scope of the project before we’re too far down the line.

Upon completion of the project, we’ll product our Retro Report. This document gives a full breakdown of the project, what was delivered, what changed during the development and any next steps you may wish to consider in the future

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