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For you, the Day of the AWS Summit was the most important day of your life...

Updated: Jun 27

This week, the entire Marimosa team made our way to the AWS Summit!

Though Tom, Dan and Dave had been before it was Mateusz and my first time at this event and we were excited for the 2 day trip to the big city of London.

Obviously with the case of Marimosa, we always have a fun story tell along with it. The trip to London was rather chaotic with cancelled trains and finding alternative but we were happy to reach our hotel all in one piece.

We thought that was the end of our transport troubles but we were wrong! The day of the summit came with its own share of delays and cancellations of trains and tubes. We definitely had a 'gap' in our journey that day!

AWS Summit

But we finally reached the much awaited AWS Summit, which was at the Excel, and it was huge! With companies, speakers and developers from all over the United Kingdom and the world. It was definitely a rich experience! And though I am not involved with the software development of Marimosa, it was great to see how well the speakers explained the topics where even someone from outside the industry could grasp the concept. My personal favourite was the "How The Lego Group utilises the power of Step Functions to process loyalty customer orders"

This was the guys faves of the day:

TC - Geospatial and Machine Learning

Dan - Unlocking Application Visibility with AWS Observability Tools

Dave - Refactoring to serverless

Mateusz - How The Lego Group utilises the power of Step Functions to process loyalty customer orders

AWS Summit

And along with the expo we also picked up interesting conversations and swag (of course!) with the different companies there. Dan and Dave got useful insights on a project we're working on from developers at Mongo DB, a platform we actively use here at Marimosa!

We also saw a few familiar faces at the event.

We learned some great things that can be applied to our upcoming projects and it was a fun time to hang out, or as Tom might say "go on a jolly".

PA to the director

Neeve Miranda PA to the Director

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