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Great Scott! If we don't start saving time now, we might just run out of it in the future!

Another classic Marimosa adventure in which we saved a client so many hours per week, they felt like they were time travelling!

Scene: the busy office of a transport agency. Staff were spending hours per week reconciling journey confirmation emails from suppliers against the bookings in their system and then either flagging for attention or taking additional payment where necessary. This could happen if the journey was booked for only a single passenger but two travelled or if an additional fee was required. This was time consuming and not an effective use of staff time.

Enter Marimosa: Given that the client was using Office 365 already, we proposed that we build a workflow using Microsoft Power Automate (then called Flow) that would automatically extract the information about the booking from the email and then use that to query for the booking in the system, compare the details and flag for attention any that were different. Staff would then be given a new list of only bookings that needed attention.

Time circuits on. Flux Capacitor... fluxing.

This process has been in use for years now and has worked very well for the client.

If you’d like to talk about how we can help your business with manual processes like this to bring about digital transformation, please book in a call with our team here by clicking here

I’m off on my hoverboard now.

TOm Crawley, Director

Tom Crawley


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