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Introduction to Marimosa

“So why are you called Marimosa?!” There is a funny back story to the name, but that’s a story for another day. We weren’t even always called Marimosa.

<wavy flashback>

Back in 2011 Aitutaki ltd was born. Nothing more than a vehicle for me to take on contract software development jobs. I did this for a few years for some pretty big clients - who of course I can’t name - but eventually got to the point where a client I was working with needed more developers to get through the work that they needed doing.

So I started to expand my little contracting company into something more resembling an agency as we slowly began growing into the team we are today. I hired people who I knew I could trust to do the job at hand but also pull me up if they thought they had a better idea on something.

With having more resource, we started to acquire more clients and projects. We worked across many different industries from freight, logistics and food to gaming! Every project was different to the last. We built software to help our clients do what they do best. We built public facing websites for redemption schemes. We built mobile apps for start-ups. We even automated a client’s email processing.

So going back to the name - it turns out that when you start a personal service company and you think the name doesn’t matter because you’re not going to be marketing the business, you’re wrong. No one could spell or pronounce Aitutaki so I had to find a new name. With a little help from my daughter, we came upon Marimosa. And that’s where we are today.

A super-heroic team with a funny name.

Tom Crawley


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