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Marimosa's Adventures in the Microverse

Let me tell you a story about a project we started around 4 years ago.

The project was for an existing client who wanted to move into a space that required a public-facing system to interface with many 3rd-party systems for effectively the same goal. The user inputs their data but depending on some factors within that data it would be sent off and processed by a different satellite system. These satellite systems would then provide a response or result and that would be transformed back into a resolution for the user. To complicate matters a single user form could result in multiple satellite systems being interacted with.

Yes, I'm talking post Brexit customs! Back when we were at Fishergate Court, we had a massive diagram of this spider-web of a system architecture on our whiteboard wall but once the initial setup of the platform was done, further work and integrations become simple. Why? Because we took an event-based, micro service and distributed approach. Let me explain...

When a user submitted their form, the system would raise an "event" describing that a submission had been made and some information about the form data submitted. We built individual micro services that listened for these events and acted upon them if they were of interest. For example, the HMRC service would only act upon imports into GB or exports out of GB. By utilising this approach, we could build micro services for each satellite system and effectively just "drop them into the platform". Want to start doing Spanish imports? No probs, drop it into the event bus.

Extracting this away from the client use case - your order management system could push orders to supplier systems and changes to those integrations (or the addition of new suppliers) could be done with less modification to the existing software.

Why is this important to your business? It means that interactivity with external systems whether that be suppliers, customers or government agencies can be easily deployable, testable and moved into a virtual compute environment reducing running costs, development time and downtime. This modern way of working, using event-based architectures and micro services will save you time and money on both operational and development costs.

Want to have a journey through the Microverse? Book in a call here.

Tom Crawley


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