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The Skrull Invasion is Upon Us.... Are You Ready?

I want to talk about White-Labelling, or "re-skinning" as it is sometimes termed. We're talking Skrull-levels of transformation here.

So you've had an idea for a software project that you can use in your business, and you're the first to do it. Great.

But what if you could resell the software to your competitors, partners or other people within your industry to provide them with their own instance of the software and increase your return on investment? I'll give you an example: we've worked with a client to bring their mobile app vision to life. They now want to offer a slimmed and locked-down version of it to people within their industry. This would increase the range of the core product but also provide a recurring revenue stream from licenses.

This is a key point - whilst your product might be fully-feature or wide-ranging, you can offer a limited version to other businesses as it would cost them more to build the same thing from scratch!

I think this to be a great business model which people need to consider!

Also - I knew <spoiler> was a Skrull all along!

Tom Crawley


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