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so what can you do for me?

So... you're a software company? Big deal.

Well, yes, we are, but we're not like other software companies. Whilst it's sometimes the case that a client knows exactly what they want (they don't), we love to really work with our clients to understand the business process or problem they're trying to solve. Sometimes clients don't know they've problems to solve, just that they're convinced their business could be more efficient.

That's where Marimosa come in.

We can look at your business, or specific functions and establish what is happening, what can be done better simply and internally and what we can offer to improve it. No sales push, no flash, just "can we help?"

We offer a consultancy approach that we call "Skimmed / Semi / Full-fat" (we've not found a better name!) This allows us to offer a range of solutions to a prospective client. We like to think this proves that we're not in the business of ripping people off. After The Big Go-Live, we create a document called "The Wash-Up" which reviews not only the project and next steps that may be worth considering but the project as a whole - a real review on what went on. We like to be  transparent like that. A bit like the Invisible Woman.

And that's it. That's the Marimosa approach really. 

We love to work really closely with clients, really becoming part of the team if that's what a client wants to support them to fullfil their business potential.

And supporting you fulfilling your business potential is all we're about. And comic books. And rock n roll. You know what we mean.

all very impressive fluff, but what do you really do?

We build software. That solves problems. We build it using web-based technologies (generally) to allow the best coverage and compatibility. We absolutely love AWS, MongoDB, NodeJS, Angular and

We especially love using AWS (Amazon Web Services) because it allows us to offer zero-downtime deployments, distributed systems and a whole bunch of other cool stuff.

We also love We use it internally for our project management and often give clients access so they can see what's going on, but we also offer consultancy on using it internally for whatever you may wish to do.

Our Team

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