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Vision Report

Our approach to helping your business be more efficient

After our initial chat with you, we may recommend a small number of consultancy days so we can get under the skin of your business, processes and existing software to understand pain points and inefficiencies. The output of this time is called our Vision Report.


The Vision Report will detail your business's current situation and will make a number of recommendations of things you can do to be more efficient, save or make money. We'll often break this down into 3 tiers: Essential, Advanced and Elite. Some of these things will be actions you can take yourself, or low-cost actions that will help. Advanced and Elite tiers will likely offer technology-based solutions.


For example, let's say you've got separate customer-facing website and accounting systems. We might recommend something like:


Essential - CSV export of new customers and transactions from website database in a format useable by the accounts package.


Advanced - As above, but with a the ability to re-import new customers accounts references before transaction export.


Elite - Full API integration with the accounts package. Customers and transactions will be automatically transmitted just-in-time.


If there are things Marimosa can help with, we'll offer a price to help you, however you're very welcome to take our Vision Report and go elsewhere to achieve whatever you like.


We think that's fair and we hope you do too!

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